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13092007 @ 1054

guys . i wantto do a beauty pop group.

anyway, i may not be able to make it to manganext because of real life working and school. i will let you know.

Hey guys!!!! Listen up! Please respond!!! [
29082007 @ 1239

[ mood | amused ]

MangaNext is comming up fast and I want to straighten somethings out!

Cosplay -
I personaly want to do Ouran Summer outfits(Vacation/HarukixHikaru date) cause BNEF rules at Ouran like woah~ XD I know I've spoken to some of you about this and you seemed like you wanted to do it so - if you want to speak up now! Please let's get some stuff organized @_@ If you'd rather do a different Ouran outfit or not do it at all also please tell me! We can mixmatch and I'm sure we'd still be awesome! As long as we have a decent amount of people doing it (not just me and Nami ^_^;; ) then I'd want to go for it!
As for Alice and Mel I know there are not "summer" outfits for your characters, however maybe you can chose another outfit you think would go good? I'd really love to have you guys cosplay with us still!!!! So tell me what's up ok?
Even if you have other stuff planned instead I'd love if we could all get together for a bit in some Ouraness >_< <3

Cabaret? =O -
So last year was fun even if we made up our "skit" that day XD;; However It'd be cool if we could do something again this year! Since this isn't a competitive masquerade we have a lot of pressure off of us. Any one have any ideas? I was thinking even something as simple as a little karaoke/dance to "Mata Ashita!" or something ^_^;; (I thought of some cute/cool things we could do with it!)

Please get back to me!!!! <3

<3 Twin #1


20082007 @ 1445


 before i go off on a con rant, i just want to say that i'm cutting cosplay/cons short. i'd still love to go to them, and cosplay, OF COURSE. buuuttttt.. leader-sama finishes her degree in MARCH and then STEPS OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD TO MAKE A LIVING. HOOOOOOO!!!!! 

THAT SAID,  i don't know how much time i will have/ how working goes to let me off for con weekends. 


there's nothing planned for any con. OH WELL. in the position that i am now, i have no time to gather kids up and sit them down and say "hey, we're going to do this. all agree, say AYE"  so. for me, i will be at manganext as NANA and POSSIBLY yukari. i need to see how the NANA situation goes for growing out my hair for yukari. I"M NOT SURE. 

we also talked about fruits basket, but that never happened. we shall see.

my con schedule-

manganext - home con #2

NY anime fest- we'll see how the first year goes

NY comicon -if it's not anime, i'm not sacrificing time to do it

ICON -if it's not anime, i'm not sacrificing time to do it

animenext- my home con, so of course i'm going

otakon- was there, came back, doesn't seem so hard to get to once i checked out the area for trains and buses

katsucon and AB- i'll see with the monies and the free times.


simply being loved, loved, loved~~ [
12072007 @ 0327

[ mood | bored ]


it's aLice

here to bother you allllllll


The previous information.Collapse )

Editing! This is gonna end up really long. XD; Whoops.


THE CONVENTIONS: MangaNEXT, New York Anime Fest, New York Comic-Con, Katsucon, I-CON, AnimeNEXT, Otakon.

I know Paola and I were only talking about MN/NYCC/AN/Ota because we don't have money trees.

Seconding what Nicole had said- MangaNEXT needs to be BNEF-con, guys! D: We owned the hell out of it last year; I really think we should do so again.

Ahem, anyway. Now for the [currently tentative] lists:

Ouran: Summer outfits? Cop unis? Either way I'm still fucked as to what I'm supposed to do, so, lol. Either's fine with me. XD You guys figure it out since you'll be the ones doing most of the work.

The majority vote seems to be summer outfits. Democracy, guys.

ParaKiss: I think this'll end up being optional for everyone else, really. As in, join us [Janice+myself] if you'd want, but if not, no worries. We'll be a full group elsewhere. [I don't mean to make anyone feel left out or anything- but ParaKiss is kinda small anyway, and I REALLY. REEEEEALLY. Wanna cosplay George. XP]
-claimed characters: George [me], Yukari/Caroline [Janice], Miwako [Paola]. I pretty sure there were others, I'm just not remembering right now and I'm a bit too lazy to go digging through the entries in my memories to go find out at the moment. :x Whoops. I'll do so later.

Fruits Basket: Dilemma! There's three people who want to be Hatsuharu. I suppose we could possibly even it out by doing black-Haru/white-Haru [I don't know how/if that'd work, though, since it's been so long since I watched the series.. feel free to smack me if I'm making shit up as I go XD;;] but even still that'd leave one unhappy person. :\

Well. Anyway. While we work that out- so far, Nicole's claimed Yuki and I'm claiming Ayame. Paola.. uhm.. hrm. I dunno who'd work for you. Kagura, maybe? No Furuba for Paola. XD And Scout cosplays Momiji but she's one of the three who wanna be Haru? So.. rawr. is cosplaying everyone because she's insane. 8D;;

Then there is still: Kagura, Kyou, Akito, Shigure, Ritsu, Hatori, Hiro and Kisa [but they're little kids o__o; not many of us are of little children-stature XD], Tohru, Hana, and Uotani. Also people who only appear in the manga [Rin?] but I haven't read it so I wouldn't know. :3 Feel free to chime in here.

Any more shit I'm missing? Do tell. ♥

And, of course! We all have our individual cosplays as well. Like, I'm throwing myself into a ton of Paola's plans [Pokemanz/Melty Blood/X-men] and I'm gonna try for Simca with Nicole and Tara's Air Gear stuffs. :3

But anyway, if anyone has anything else to add to this and would like to talk to me about it directly- speedycake Remix on AIM. 8D I'm always on.


The Time Has Come the Walrus Said... [
06062007 @ 0141


Hey there fellow BNEF members who still miraculously check the BNEF entries! Time is winding down on us and good golly are we slowly getting close to due date ie AnimeNEXT 2007. Now that we have hotels and rides all corrected (no apologizing allowed from anyone here) we can focus on the actual work of the event!

Luckily some of us have started- I commend you all you're better than me by far since I've got too much and not a lot of money! =D I'm making yet another post here because I want to know who is getting wigs and where.

I'm planning to have to buy 3 wigs for animeNEXT purposes~ two from CosWorx and one from Amphigory. Well what the hell are you telling us that for Yuni gawd!?

Okay so the point of the post is to pose a question/offering to you all who may need some wigs or have friends who may need some wigs etc. If anyone is needing to pick up a wig from any of those places do tell me so that we can possibly do a group order if anyone needs. If not- hell ignore me I'm a big loser McDooDoo head.

&hearts you all and I can't wait til we get to see each other again! You know my rabu beamus go out to everyone always. Even if you don't want them. 8D

Am I not the most annoying member of this group? [
26052007 @ 2345

8D Boredtimes at Yuni's house! This means I'm going to share with the whole group something that seems to slowly be taking us over:


Since a couple of us here have expressed interest in having a Pokemon cosplay group I'm going to make it an official announcement by sticking it here. You know you love it- if you don't have it yet you love it anyway secretly. On the inside. No, you really do.

Anyway so here's the general idea. So far I've roped Nami, Tara, Joe, and possibly Vick into the insanity. Basically the point is to have it ready by Otakon, but I'm going to have Hikari ready for AnimeNEXT to wear with my friend lokcha's Satoshi (Ash) and hopefully also Joe's Lucas.

So guys... which trainer/gym leader/character are you gonna be in all of this? 8D If you need help picking IM each other. Or better yet let's try and have a group chat. Even though having those doesn't really work out most of the time we can try again.

Finally- get your friends in on it. Large Pokemon group ftw.

16052007 @ 0620

Hey there BNEFers. Didn't think you'd be seeing an entry did you? Here's the thing. AnimeNEXT and Otakon are not too far off and I wanna know everyone's compiled want/doing cosplay lists (so we can all see what each of us is doing and I'm a curious puppy) and.... who has hotel rooms T_T; I need places to shack up for real. I'll pay my share too *puppy dog eyes*

So far my cosplay list is:

Ciel / Shingetsutan Tsukihime; Melty Blood
Jill Valentine / Resident Evil (STARS uniform this time MAYBE)
Misato Uehara / NANA
Haruhi / Ouran of course
Ema Skye / Gyakuten Saiban 4

...uh much of the same, but I'm hoping to also have finished up
Hikari / Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

I don't know how it's all going to get done (or if it's going to get done) *thwaps self* Shall we try and plan a sewing party? Yes plz?

ALSO hay did you guys hear the news? MangaNEXT is coming back for another year so ;) yeaaah! Skit again? XD

AnimeNext Cosplay Plans! [
02042007 @ 1349

[ mood | amused ]

Hey guys! AnimeNext is comming up and I just wanted to check on what's going on with cosplay! So from what I understand we're doing: NANA, and Ouran cosplay, correct? Are we doing the default Ouran stuff or something new? Also, do we have an idea of when we will be wearing theses cosplays? I'm still trying to plan my cosplay schuedule and am starting my new costumes, so I'd really like to check on this. Also if nothing's definate let's see what's good for everybody so we can start planning! We have awhile but it's always good to check in advance to solve conflicts! Thanks guys, hope to see you soon!

~ Tara


14032007 @ 1850

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey CORE members,

I was thinking about creating an official BNEF website. What do you think? Lori's deal is $13 per month, and she gets a huge amount of bandwidth ( http://www.usagikou.net ). For now it'd just be mainly for the CORE members, and when we get fully and officially organized, the outer core can join in on "individual" cosplays as well. But for now they will only appear in group cosplays, but wil nevertheless have their profiles up on the site.

I'm still in the process of working on how the layout would work and links and such. It'd be pretty frickin awesome, dont ya think? Whats say BNEF CORE??

More details to come~


17022007 @ 1315

HEY. i'm writing an essay about "how i learned to take chage"/ being a leader. GIVE ME REASONS WHY I AM LEADER SAMA. and the reason of "just because" isn't good enough >:(

Desu desu desu [
22012007 @ 1726

Hey to you all~ Yuni here. Curious as to how everyone is doing, how are con plans going, what are we to do about hotels, are we going to NYComic-Con and lots of stuff.

But really... I come bearing lols that stemmed from my boredom. Prepare to lol. Then click the cut for lols.

Relevant to your interests...maybeCollapse )

10012007 @ 1336

bnef has to meet up in the city one weekend soon. con season starts soon, so i'd like to meet the last week of january/first week of feburary. weekend, of course. 

let me know if you can make it !!!!!!! 

also.. dir en grey concert.

05012007 @ 1401

Okay gais. For all of you who are attaneding NY Comic Con:

2007 Advance Ticket Prices:
(Advance prices valid through 2/22/06, based on availability)
One Day Pass
Admits one person one day only - Friday, Saturday or Sunday Only: $30.00 each

Weekend Pass
Admits one person all three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $45.00 each

2007 On Site Ticket Prices:
(Pricing for tickets purchased during the con, based on availability)
One Day Pass
Admits one person one day only - Friday, Saturday or Sunday Only: $40.00 each

Weekend Pass
Admits one person all three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $65.00 each

Yeah.... and there's limited availability. >>;;

01012007 @ 1325


go add it >_O 

we needs to get going. new year, more projects. i will post a day where we will have a meeting. in the city. all shall be present. 

we need to get our acts together, people. the con year is starting.

24122006 @ 1517


so anyway.... since all of you said you would be free this week, we will meet on tuesday and then we WILL talk about future BNEF plans. so no one can run away on mel and i when we ask you things. or else i'll eat you. (Mel: And she really will.... I want me some cocamacola) we'll have a fun field trip to forbidden planet, rockefeller center (kino-japanese bookstore place, the tree, nintendo world if people want)and we'll be taking group pictures so LOOK PRESENTABLE. :DDDDD then we will stop at the INN (starbucks) and talk about FUTURE PLANS (goddammit)

we will all meet at.... Potr authority, excpet for scout, since she lives next to forbidden planet anyway. unless scout would like to come to port authority then go back, but whatever..

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT, LET MEL OR JANICE KNOW. (specifically mel, since janice MAY NOT be able to make it. whether or not she'll be there is unconfirmed as of yet... [but I, Mel, will kidnap her anyway]) YES, I SPEAK IN THIRD PERSON. you should all be there unless you accidentally jump out your 12th floor apartment window or get hit by a bus or something. :P


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