Paola ♌ Yuni (castrophony) wrote in bnef,
Paola ♌ Yuni

Desu desu desu

Hey to you all~ Yuni here. Curious as to how everyone is doing, how are con plans going, what are we to do about hotels, are we going to NYComic-Con and lots of stuff.

But really... I come bearing lols that stemmed from my boredom. Prepare to lol. Then click the cut for lols.


I'm probably going to be the only one laughing about this. XD;

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Pylonda Hatchury GG!! <3
OMG love X333 ♥
^3^ It's for all teh ppls I love. Btw what are you doing this weekend? Maybe I'll drive over to see you if you're not busy lol
I just got your comment on my journal, and realized I hadn't replied to this yet! *loses*

I'm free Friday and Sunday definitely, though I may have some things to do on Saturday.. let me know if you can make it up here!
lol hmm I doubt I'm doing anything this weekend though I think I'm going to force myself to go to the library on Saturday so I actually do schoolwork. >_> Probably Friday late afternoon/night would be best with me ^^
wtfpwn. XDDD

We so need better pictures of me floating around the interwebs though. >_____>;;; *coughspasmdie*
XDD Yo if everyone can give me a picture that they like I'd totally make a new super!pwndesu one.

But then I'd demand you all to put it in your profiles.
SAY SAY!!!! OMG Yuni that is love. I swear I'm gonna print that out and hang it on my wall. XDDDD ♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Majorly. XD
oh yeah, I'm going to NYCC. But I live so close, I really don't care about hotels. Ur welcome to stay at my house. XDD

And I srsly just printed out that colorbar, and am cutting it. I prolly just woke up my entire suite cuz my printer is so damn loud and it's almost 4 in the morning. 8D
Jesus awesomes! Printed out colorbar for youuuuu 4am is early in the morning >>

I wasn't thinking of getting a hotel for NYCC I was talking about Otakon and ANext X3 Campus is too close to the city for me to not make use of that
ANext I don't do a hotel either, but Otakon.... yeah, we need to get our asses on that >>;;;
*taps chin* well gee I have to figure out Anext for me and Joe XDD; Otakon... yeaaaaah what to do... shall we try to stick as many of us as possible into the room so it'll be cheap for all of us? 8D?
Yes! Me, you, Janice, Joe, and my friend Denis who is willing to drive us. 8DDD heh heh heh
fucking awesomeee!! :DDDD
X3 Yayyyyyy
also.. plan a weekend with jow, and maybe nami/tara so we can sit at the inn and plan con stuff. preferably before NYCC, and not the weekend of february 10th. XD do you think you could do that? :O
Uhhh well maybe we can try for Feb. 17th? But it'd be tough and it's only the weekend before the con. February 3rd is the only other choice. I can ask Joe what we can do and if I see Nami and Tara this weekend I can ask them about it too methinks.
okies that works ^^ let me know. you have my cell
BNEF...taste the rainbow. XD
Rainbows.... nummm ^w^