Paola ♌ Yuni (castrophony) wrote in bnef,
Paola ♌ Yuni


Hey there BNEFers. Didn't think you'd be seeing an entry did you? Here's the thing. AnimeNEXT and Otakon are not too far off and I wanna know everyone's compiled want/doing cosplay lists (so we can all see what each of us is doing and I'm a curious puppy) and.... who has hotel rooms T_T; I need places to shack up for real. I'll pay my share too *puppy dog eyes*

So far my cosplay list is:

Ciel / Shingetsutan Tsukihime; Melty Blood
Jill Valentine / Resident Evil (STARS uniform this time MAYBE)
Misato Uehara / NANA
Haruhi / Ouran of course
Ema Skye / Gyakuten Saiban 4

...uh much of the same, but I'm hoping to also have finished up
Hikari / Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

I don't know how it's all going to get done (or if it's going to get done) *thwaps self* Shall we try and plan a sewing party? Yes plz?

ALSO hay did you guys hear the news? MangaNEXT is coming back for another year so ;) yeaaah! Skit again? XD
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