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Hey guys!!!! Listen up! Please respond!!!

MangaNext is comming up fast and I want to straighten somethings out!

Cosplay -
I personaly want to do Ouran Summer outfits(Vacation/HarukixHikaru date) cause BNEF rules at Ouran like woah~ XD I know I've spoken to some of you about this and you seemed like you wanted to do it so - if you want to speak up now! Please let's get some stuff organized @_@ If you'd rather do a different Ouran outfit or not do it at all also please tell me! We can mixmatch and I'm sure we'd still be awesome! As long as we have a decent amount of people doing it (not just me and Nami ^_^;; ) then I'd want to go for it!
As for Alice and Mel I know there are not "summer" outfits for your characters, however maybe you can chose another outfit you think would go good? I'd really love to have you guys cosplay with us still!!!! So tell me what's up ok?
Even if you have other stuff planned instead I'd love if we could all get together for a bit in some Ouraness >_< <3

Cabaret? =O -
So last year was fun even if we made up our "skit" that day XD;; However It'd be cool if we could do something again this year! Since this isn't a competitive masquerade we have a lot of pressure off of us. Any one have any ideas? I was thinking even something as simple as a little karaoke/dance to "Mata Ashita!" or something ^_^;; (I thought of some cute/cool things we could do with it!)

Please get back to me!!!! <3

<3 Twin #1
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