Paola ♌ Yuni (castrophony) wrote in bnef,
Paola ♌ Yuni

Am I not the most annoying member of this group?

8D Boredtimes at Yuni's house! This means I'm going to share with the whole group something that seems to slowly be taking us over:


Since a couple of us here have expressed interest in having a Pokemon cosplay group I'm going to make it an official announcement by sticking it here. You know you love it- if you don't have it yet you love it anyway secretly. On the inside. No, you really do.

Anyway so here's the general idea. So far I've roped Nami, Tara, Joe, and possibly Vick into the insanity. Basically the point is to have it ready by Otakon, but I'm going to have Hikari ready for AnimeNEXT to wear with my friend lokcha's Satoshi (Ash) and hopefully also Joe's Lucas.

So guys... which trainer/gym leader/character are you gonna be in all of this? 8D If you need help picking IM each other. Or better yet let's try and have a group chat. Even though having those doesn't really work out most of the time we can try again.

Finally- get your friends in on it. Large Pokemon group ftw.
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