Paola ♌ Yuni (castrophony) wrote in bnef,
Paola ♌ Yuni

The Time Has Come the Walrus Said...

Hey there fellow BNEF members who still miraculously check the BNEF entries! Time is winding down on us and good golly are we slowly getting close to due date ie AnimeNEXT 2007. Now that we have hotels and rides all corrected (no apologizing allowed from anyone here) we can focus on the actual work of the event!

Luckily some of us have started- I commend you all you're better than me by far since I've got too much and not a lot of money! =D I'm making yet another post here because I want to know who is getting wigs and where.

I'm planning to have to buy 3 wigs for animeNEXT purposes~ two from CosWorx and one from Amphigory. Well what the hell are you telling us that for Yuni gawd!?

Okay so the point of the post is to pose a question/offering to you all who may need some wigs or have friends who may need some wigs etc. If anyone is needing to pick up a wig from any of those places do tell me so that we can possibly do a group order if anyone needs. If not- hell ignore me I'm a big loser McDooDoo head.

&hearts you all and I can't wait til we get to see each other again! You know my rabu beamus go out to everyone always. Even if you don't want them. 8D
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