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it's aLice

here to bother you allllllll


Kay, so. Paola and I have been talking [ALL NIGHT pretty much] about cosplay plans! And we decided it'd be a reeeeeally good idea to plan the next 'o7/'o8 cons, like, stat, now.

So, y'know, we can get to work on our cosplays and not have it all be last minute homg cram session shit again. Also her and I are trying to keep our cosplay lists relatively realistic, too, so~ yeah.

The 'o7/'o8 con list we've compiled: MangaNEXT, NYCC, AnimeNEXT, and Otakon. Also Katsucon and I-CON for those of you who go to those two as well.

So what groups are we doing, and for which cons? I know I'd heard talk of Ouran summer outfits for MN- I'm currently trying to decide between "real" Nekozawa [blond with the uniform] or maid!Kasanoda, myself, since neither of my characters get a summer outfit. >________> Then, Janice had mentioned to me she wanted our next big group to be Fruits Basket? What's the word on that, guys?

Since I'm pretty much organizing this here post, I'll try and keep this information nicely updated and neat for everyone's convenience :D [It's mostly so Paola and I know what people expect from us though, lol. XP] But I need your help to do so, so please get back to me~ <3

Editing! This is gonna end up really long. XD; Whoops.


THE CONVENTIONS: MangaNEXT, New York Anime Fest, New York Comic-Con, Katsucon, I-CON, AnimeNEXT, Otakon.

I know Paola and I were only talking about MN/NYCC/AN/Ota because we don't have money trees.

Seconding what Nicole had said- MangaNEXT needs to be BNEF-con, guys! D: We owned the hell out of it last year; I really think we should do so again.

Ahem, anyway. Now for the [currently tentative] lists:

Ouran: Summer outfits? Cop unis? Either way I'm still fucked as to what I'm supposed to do, so, lol. Either's fine with me. XD You guys figure it out since you'll be the ones doing most of the work.

The majority vote seems to be summer outfits. Democracy, guys.

ParaKiss: I think this'll end up being optional for everyone else, really. As in, join us [Janice+myself] if you'd want, but if not, no worries. We'll be a full group elsewhere. [I don't mean to make anyone feel left out or anything- but ParaKiss is kinda small anyway, and I REALLY. REEEEEALLY. Wanna cosplay George. XP]
-claimed characters: George [me], Yukari/Caroline [Janice], Miwako [Paola]. I pretty sure there were others, I'm just not remembering right now and I'm a bit too lazy to go digging through the entries in my memories to go find out at the moment. :x Whoops. I'll do so later.

Fruits Basket: Dilemma! There's three people who want to be Hatsuharu. I suppose we could possibly even it out by doing black-Haru/white-Haru [I don't know how/if that'd work, though, since it's been so long since I watched the series.. feel free to smack me if I'm making shit up as I go XD;;] but even still that'd leave one unhappy person. :\

Well. Anyway. While we work that out- so far, Nicole's claimed Yuki and I'm claiming Ayame. Paola.. uhm.. hrm. I dunno who'd work for you. Kagura, maybe? No Furuba for Paola. XD And Scout cosplays Momiji but she's one of the three who wanna be Haru? So.. rawr. is cosplaying everyone because she's insane. 8D;;

Then there is still: Kagura, Kyou, Akito, Shigure, Ritsu, Hatori, Hiro and Kisa [but they're little kids o__o; not many of us are of little children-stature XD], Tohru, Hana, and Uotani. Also people who only appear in the manga [Rin?] but I haven't read it so I wouldn't know. :3 Feel free to chime in here.

Any more shit I'm missing? Do tell. ♥

And, of course! We all have our individual cosplays as well. Like, I'm throwing myself into a ton of Paola's plans [Pokemanz/Melty Blood/X-men] and I'm gonna try for Simca with Nicole and Tara's Air Gear stuffs. :3

But anyway, if anyone has anything else to add to this and would like to talk to me about it directly- speedycake Remix on AIM. 8D I'm always on.
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